Reddit american dating a canadian

reddit american dating a canadian

Are Canadians polite or rude?

It’s a stereotype that Canadians are polite, and it’s totally true. Once we were out for brunch and while the waitress was pouring our coffee, my American dude asked if she would change the channel on the TV. I was secretly mortified.

Are good looks a Canadian thing?

He comes from the same country as Ryan Gosling. Yes, good looks are a Canadian thing. It might be in the water. Canada is a big place. He probably doesn’t know your long lost cousin from Toronto. Canada is a multicultural nation and the population is 40% non-natives. So he might speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, or Spanish.

What are some examples of Canadian pop culture in the USA?

While we share most of our pop culture with our American neighbors, we still keep our own little pocket of Canada Only music. Let me run a few names by you: Our Lady Peace, The Tragically Hip, The Guess Who, Matthew Good Band, 54-40. To Canucks, these aren’t bands that maybe had one hit ten years ago, they’re institutions.

Do Strangers in Canada talk to you in the city?

I find that in Canada, strangers are less likely to speak to me while Im in the city (i.e. when I take the TTC to go to downtown Toronto from my home in Scarborough). Anywhere else and Ill get a whole rendition of ones life story just because I happen to be sitting beside them. Other than that, everything was spot on.

Are Canadians Nice and polite?

Canadians are definitely “nice” , but not as friendly. Being friendly means someone you can confide with . A friend is someone more personal whom you can rely on and won’t stab you behind your back. Yes , Canadians are nice and polite but generally very difficult to be friends with.

Who are the rudest and friendliest people in Canada?

the rudest are French Canadians. we spoke in Spanish throughout our meals and they looked at us like they were petrified. provincial xenophobes who are obsessed with trying to appear cosmopolitan and latinized. the friendliest folks are those in Haiti. Not true. Quebecers are quite nice, warm, and approachable.

What do you think about Canadians?

Most Canadians are lovely, easy going down to earth warm hearted people. At most we can be a but reserved more as a side effect of being polite. We don’t want to offend people so it takes time for people to open up, but we’ll do that eventually. Once you get to know us you’ll see we are very nice people

Is it rude to say sorry man but no in Canada?

Now a normal person would say “No”, a Canadian says “Sorry man, but no”. This guy furrows his brow and in a condescending voice says “Does it look like I work here?!”. (I don’t think his dismissive remarks and tone translate well to print but it was incredibly rude).

What tourists should never do in Canada?

12 Things Tourists Should Never Do in Canada Don’t assume that Toronto is the capital city Don’t comment on French-English relations Don’t say that we’re like Americans Don’t comment on the fact that the British Queen is on all of our money Don’t criticize Tim Hortons Don’t forget to return an apology

Is it rude to push your way on public transit in Canada?

While Canadians are not averse to packing into an overpopulated bus or train in order to commute back to the suburbs after work, it’s considered rude to push your way onto any form of public transit before people have had the chance to exit.

Are Canadian accents similar to American accents?

Yes, some Canadian accents may sound similar to some American ones, and on the surface, a megacity such as Toronto might reflect the generic “look” of a North American city, but historically, politically, and socially, Canadians are proud of their country and its differences.

What is the most common phrase in Canada?

It’s a common—and accurate—stereotype that one of the most common phrases you’ll hear in Canada is “I’m sorry.” Canadians tend to say “I’m sorry” (or simply “sorry”) in place of other phrases such as “excuse me” or “pardon me,” so the meaning of the expression actually goes beyond a basic apology.

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