Dauntless matchmaking taking forever

dauntless matchmaking taking forever

Is Dauntless matchmaking on PS4 and Xbox One working?

For those that are able to login, it may be a relief to see Dauntless matchmaking in progress for a shorter amount of time. Certainly, the issues being encountered with the Dauntless servers on PS4 and Xbox One, coupled with long matchmaking in Dauntless, are not atypical for the launch of this sort of multiplayer game.

Are there any server issues with Dauntless?

Phoenix Labs addresses reports of Dauntless matchmaking not working, long queue times, and general server issues that are affecting players at launch.

Can you play Dauntless with friends?

With the official Dauntless release date having come and gone, new players are now learning how to play with friends in Dauntless, and they are teaming up to slay the myriad of Behemoths that the title has to offer.

Is Dauntless coming to Nintendo Switch?

First revealed during the 2016 Game Awards, Dauntless has been on PC since May of 2018 in Open Beta form and has received many major updates, including the brand new character customization system that also launches today. Dauntless is still scheduled to be released on Nintendo Switch and Mobile later this year.

Are the Dauntless servers full?

Unfortunately, the games launch has not been without its issues, and many fans are reportedly encountering problems with long matchmaking times, queues, and prompts that indicate that the Dauntless servers are full.

How do I link my Xbox and PlayStation accounts to Dauntless?

Then, follow Account > Connections, and on the next screen, choose the Accounts tab. Here, you can link your accounts on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Switch Online. Link all of your accounts and boot Dauntless up on your unlinked system.

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