Dating a man in a motorcycle club

dating a man in a motorcycle club

Can a woman date a man in a motorcycle club?

As a woman dating a man in a motorcycle club you need to realize & accept that you are going to be taking on some duties that were not common to your past relationships, so understand you can not compare the two. This man has a relationship with his club and a obligation to his club.

What are the top 2 contaminations of dating a motorcycle club member?

2- KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED These are the Top 2 contaminations of a woman dating a man in a motorcycle club. #1- Your man should not be speaking club business to you at all!!!!

What is it like to be in a motorcycle club?

In the Motorcycle Club life we aim to keep our brotherhood tight, loyal, and drama free. It’s not easy but we give it our very best. 1 of the biggest issues to a man and his relationship with his club is his relationship with his woman. Unfortunately in most cases a woman can be the biggest cancer to a motorcycle club and it’s members.

How to date a man in an MC?

Bottom line ladies if you are going to date a man in an MC, be sure his values are in line with yours. Don’t try to fit in his world, if he wants you, he will adjust his world to ensure you fit. Also pay attention to the old men sitting on the bar stool. The one dedicated to him only. He once had a family, now all he has is the club and that stool.

Do women have a place in dating an MC man?

Frankly, most women today have no place in even attempting to approach an MC man with intentions of dating him. Women today act way too entitled and think they are equal to men, they do not believe in old school values and traditional methods of being a woman to a man. So if I may, I will lay it out for you. It is work!

How to date a man?

Dating men is dependent on your culture, age, gender and interests in life. There is no hard and fast rule and there is no one single way to date.

How to date a man in a motorcycle club?

As a female dating a man in a motorcycle club, you have 2 things you need to keep your mind focused on doing, and that’s it: 1- KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED 2- KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED

How do I talk to a guy who is a MC?

That’s why I told my friend who’s a mc that I wanted to take my time. We come from a man’s side as his equal. We’re not his mat nor his hat. U need to sit down and express to him how u feel but keep the conversation positive and focused on ur feelings.

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