Hook up groups on telegram

hook up groups on telegram

How do I get a link to a group on Telegram?

To get the link, first create a group on Telegram, then head to the ‘Add participant…’ section and tap ‘Invite to Group via Link’. If you want a friendlier-looking link, groups can become public and get a short link, like t.me/publictestgroup. This way, anybody can view the groups entire chat history and join to post messages.

How to add a new telegram group to a category?

Select the category you want to find a group in that category and press Filter Groups button. You can add more groups to the list below! Add a New Telegram Group AWOO!

How do I find people in my area on Telegram?

Here’s how: 1. Open Telegram on your mobile device and then tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner. 2. From the menu on the left, select “People Nearby.” 3. If there are any local groups in your area, you’ll see them listed. Tap on the group to join.

How to join Telegram channels on Android?

On your Android smartphone, open the Telegram app and tap the search button from the top-right corner. Now, type in the name of the Telegram channel that you want to join and select it from the search results. This will open the Telegram channel.

How to get an invite group link from a telegram group?

To get an invite group link from a Telegram group you’re only a member of, this is what you need to do: Open the Telegram app and then open the group for which you want the link. Then tap the name of the group you see on top of the screen. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see “Invite Link” under the “Info” section.

How to add clickable links on Telegram?

Follow these steps to add clickable links on Telegram: 1 Open Telegram app and go to your target conversation window. 2 Select your target word. 3 Tap “three spot” icon. 4 Insert your URL. 5 Almost done! hyperlink created. 6 Send your message that included link. More ...

How to stop unwanted people from joining your telegram group?

If you see some unnecessary people joining your Telegram group and it really bothers you, then Telegram has a solution to your problem. Using the Revoke Link option you can disable the previously generated link that has been spread to other users and a new link for your group will be automatically generated by the Telegram.

How to create a telegram group on iPhone or iPad?

Open Telegram on your iPhone or iPad. It’s the blue icon with a white paper airplane inside. You’ll usually find it on the home screen. Tap Chats. It’s at the bottom-center part of the screen. Tap a private group. The contents of the group will appear. Tap the group’s image. It’s at the top-right corner of the screen. Tap Add Member.

How do I join a Telegram channel?

Once you have found a public channel, open it from the search results and tap the Join button at the bottom of the screen to subscribe. Clicking on the channel link will launch the Telegram app with the channel in question ready to join. Just tap the button. The invite system works the same for both groups and channels.

What is the difference between Telegram groups and channels?

Telegram channels are different from Telegram groups, though they do appear to be similar. For instance, Telegram groups can have up to 200,000 users, and they can be open to the public.

How to mute Telegram channels on Android?

From the Telegram app, open the Telegram channel in question, and from the bottom, tap the “Mute” button to mute the channel. You can come back and unmute it from the same place.

How do I search for public telegram groups?

You can search for public Telegram groups but only if you know the exact name or username of the group. Otherwise, request the creator/admin of the group to send an invite or add you to the group. Tap on the search icon at the top-right corner of the screen and type the public group name.

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