Dating a perazzi

dating a perazzi

How to determine the age of your Perazzi?

YEAR OF MANUFACTURE How To Determine The Age of Your Perazzi All Ital im shot:uns are stamped with the year of proofing by the Italian House. If you take your barrels and turn them upside down you will seea number of on the underside of the (refer picture)J These include the Serial number.

Can I get a delivery date for my Perazzi?

Unfortunately this is a bit of an issue as you dont know how long youll have to wait. Your dealer will give their best estimate based on previous experience but there are no guarantees and Perazzi will not give any form of delivery date.

Why buy a Perazzi?

There are numerous top-end manufacturers that will happily lighten your wallet, but one of the biggest names is Perazzi. So, why should you buy a new Perazzi and what is the buying process like? Who are Perazzi? Perazzi has a long heritage of producing top quality shotguns that have achieved unrivalled competition success.

What is a Perazzi shotgun?

Perazzi has earned its place in shooting folklore. Since the 1950s the Italian company has built shotguns that combine traditional gunsmithing with high technology. Used by shooters such as George… Great handling is the hallmark of this gun.

What is a Perazzi gun?

Wide range of guns Perazzi is an Italian manufacturer specialising in precision shotguns for hunting and sporting. They are recognisable for their removable triggers and can be used by shooters of any expertise - from entry-level to advanced.

Why buy a Perazzi?

Buying a Perazzi is not like picking up any gun off the shelf, Perazzi offer a completely bespoke service allowing you to choose from thousands of options to make the gun that is perfect for you. This means your gun is made to feel exactly right for you, an extension of your arm - and this is why it is the choice of champions.

How big is the barrel on a Perazzi high tech s?

The Gun Room offers you the opportunity to purchase a pre owned Perazzi High Tech S with 30 barrels choked 3/4 and full. Barrel weight 1550. In good overall condition.

Is the Perazzi high tech s the best gun of the 21st century?

Reviewing the latest gun – the Perazzi High Tech S – from the most successful gunmaker of the 21st century comes with a considerable weight of responsibility. In the shooting world Perazzi means ‘success’ and conjures up images of Olympic gold medals, world championships and, of course, our very own 26-times world champion, George Digweed MBE.

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