Dating a tall guy reddit

dating a tall guy reddit

Do tall men date short women?

Well, tall men tend to date women who are shorter than them, because they are tall, and men are already taller than women naturally. Tall men may in fact be dating average sized women, but seem much larger than their partner.

What is the best height for a guy to date?

The tallest guy I’ve dated was around 192 cm (6′’4). I think it’s the perfect height that would allow a guy to stand out in a crowd without feeling weird or unnatural. But just as I, 172 cm tall, prefer tall guys, so 162 cm or shorter girls also prefer tall guys.

Do petite women like Tall Men?

Some a bit taller, others a bit shorter, but by and large: average. , B.S. Geoscience, some planetary geology. I have found that petite women like tall men. Its a mutual attraction. I have found that some petite women find tall men intimidating and are a bit scared of them. I’m 6′4″ and I find it to be embarrassing when that happens.

What is the most attractive height for a girl?

Men 6′1″ and taller (tall) are seen as the most attractive men. Women 5′6″ and under (short) are seen as the cutest women (although most men don’t care about height; just statistically, most women are going to be this short). Attractive people go after attractive people.

What is the ideal height for a woman?

Men have a wider range when it comes to their ideal height for women. Both men and women prefer the height of their partner to be above the average height. The average man prefers a woman who is 5’6”.

What height do girls find attractive on a guy?

At least 6′0″ (183 cm) tall on a guy is what women find attractive. Almost no woman has a “too tall” for a male height but for hypothetical sake, let’s just say over 6′8″ (202 cm). Anything between 6′1″ (183 cm) and 6′5″ (196 cm) is ideal for 96% of straight women in the West, with 6′1″ (185 cm) being the ideal male height internationally.

What are the most attractive traits in a woman?

Confidence is probably the single most attractive trait in both men and women. Confidence in a woman means that she’s comfortable with herself and is proud of the woman she presents to the world. And men find this super sexy.

Is 5’7 too tall for a girl?

Those heights are not short for women, but they’re not ‘too tall’ either, which six feet and above starts to be. Lastly, here’s a neat little chart that ranks human adult height in North America by letter grade. 6′1″ is ideal for men and 5′7″ is ideal for women.

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